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Programme Autumn/Winter 2018

 3 Sep
 Free painting and chat       
10 Sep
 Sunflowers in the style of Van
 Any medium
 17 Sep
 Free painting or a
 continuation of next week
 24 Sep 
 Painting in the rain
 You won't need any umbrellas!  Taking a sunny image and
 recreating is a rainy image.  Please bring suitable pictures
 to work from
 1 Oct
 Annual General Meeting and
 Mutual Discussion
 Just one painting each for the mutual discussion.  Please
 bring along your ideas and thoughts for the AGM.
 8 Oct
 Painting without brushes
 Any medium.  Using sticks, feathers, fingers etc instead of
 brushes.  We have done this before and it is a lot of fun
 15 Oct
 Free painting
 22 Oct
 Large brush/small paper
 Any medium.  Painting with a large brush on small paper -
 no bigger than A4
 29 Oct
 Paint a landscape using only
 3 colours in a naive style
 Any medium
 5 Nov
 Mutual discussion
 3 paintings please
 12 Nov
 Upside-down drawing
 We have done this before.  It is challenging but a lot of fun
 19 Nov
 Demonstration or free painting
 and programme planning
 To be arranged
 26 Nov
 Demonstration or free painting
 and programme planning
 To be arranged
 3 Dec
 Mutual discussion
 3 paintings please
 10 Dec
 Christmas lunch
 To be arranged.
 7 Jan
 Free Painting and chat